The following is who I think was living where in the village

taken from information from the 1901 census.

It may or may not be right

but I think that it is pretty close.


We start at

Glen house which was occupied by Er Coates, wife and daughter.

The Villa occupied by Mrs Sarah Coates

Bank House was unoccupied

White House Cottages, they both had 4 rooms each and were occupied by the

 Blanshard and Harrison families.

White House farm is where the Daniels lived.

Broad Oak cottage (no longer there) was the Atkins.

Broad Oak farm was another Daniels family.

We now move on to York road. There once stood 4 poor houses, in 1901 there were 3 houses.

One of them was called Gardeners cottage and was occupied by the Bell

family. The Watsons lived in one and the last one is called Saddlers cottage and is occupied

by the A J Coupland and his family. Arthur was a saddler

this is how it got its name.

We now are at

Brinkworth lodge, the Richardsons home, then Brinkworth Hall is occupied by

the De Burghs.

The Mitchells farmed at Brinkworth Grange which is no longer there.

The Tattertons lived at Rose cottage, which we think was on the airfield, but was demolished

Scotch farm also demolished was occupied by the Faulkinghams.

The Carr family lived at Canon House farm.

John Williamson lived at Elvington Grange farm.

There were 2 cottages at the brickyard, one was unoccupied  in the other lived the Boldisons.

West House farm, the Bells.

The Fountains lived at Grange farm.

Cheesecake farm occupied by the Walls.

The Barkers occupied Manor House farm.

At Red House farm were the Taylors.

The next house along was Gardeners cottage or Grange lodge, where the

Tilburns have lived for nearly a century, working at the Grange.

Lone cottage, we think is Fishermans cottage, lived

the Bielbys.

Glebe farm now known as Sycamore farm, were the Aldens

The Rev Phillips was at the Rectory.

Elvington cottage was occupied by Mrs Donnisthorpe.

We now arrive at Number 12 Church lane, and work down to Number 1.

Sharper lived at 12 which was a shop. It used to be the butchers.

No 11 are the Popplewells

No 10 the Coopers

No 9 the Simpsons

No 8 the Atkins

No 7 the Bones (schoolmaster)

No 6 the Sykes

No 5 the Thomas family

No 4 Taylors (4 rooms)

No 3 the Browns (4 rooms)

No 2 Leckenby (Surveyor of highways)

No 1 unoccupied.

Fernleigh which we think is the Willows or Greenside was occupied by the Prince family


The Green

Hick, Pymer, Hall and the Popplewells who lived in Pulpit cottage.

Belvoir house was lived in by the Giles family.

Beck cottage was 2 houses,  North and South view. The Taylors and the Atkins

lived here.

We now are at Lock House, where the Smiths lived, we then start at

Derwent House, the Fox family lived her.

The von Beverhoudts were living at the Elvington Hall

Mrs Whittaker (Harriet von Beverhoudt's mother) was living at Ivy house,

which is now  Brook house.

Tindales cottages stood on the old road which passed at the back of the Hall, they were occupied by the Tindales.

They also owned Elvington House which was recorded as occupied

but no name was written.

Apricot cottage, which is now Domus Nostra and Lund cottage was

occupied by the Wise family.

The 3 cottages that stand between Apricot cottage and Prospect house

were the Chapmans, the Lolleys and the Browns, each had 4 rooms.

Prospect House was occupied by the Hornshaws.

The next house I think was the old Primitve Methodist chapel in which lived Mrs White.

The next 3 cottages are now 2 Beech cottage and Rose cottage.

At the time of the census only one was occupied, that was Shoemakers cottage.

We now move on to the shop, it was 2 houses, the first one was occupied

by the Browns, and the Jeffersons had the other which was the

village stores.

The Raneys lived at Holgate house and owned the blacksmiths.

Then there is the Grey Horse.

Prospect Place is next, but it is now known as Blacksmiths cottage and the old post office.

Here lived the Storeys and the Wrights.

Rosebury house or Roxby as it is now known was occupied by the Vauses

Chequer farm is next where the Palfreemans lived.

The Cobwebs was once 2 house occupied by the Cass family, where they

ran the Post office and 'next door' was Lodgers cottage and the Clarksons.

Wheatley place is next where 3 houses stood

The Etheringtons, Usher and Coates lived there.

And finally Fairleigh (no longer there) lived the Taylors.


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