Logbooks continued





13th July 1891

School closed for a week on account of measles


1st August 1893

Punished 3 boys John Smith, Arthur Cooper and Thomas Bielby


18th September 1893

Alice Bielby late


29th September 1893

Harold Etherington late


31st October 1893

Alice Bielby late


17th November 1893

R Bielby and R Fox absent this morning through sickness


22nd February 1894

Reuben Fox sent home this afternoon for disobedience


8th May 1894

Charles Fox taken off the registers, he having gone to St Martins in York


19th March 1895

Hilda Atkin left before school had finished


9th April 1895

Harry Bielby late


25th April 1895

George Pearson left before school had finished


29th April 1895

Hannah Taylor left before school had finished


17th May 1895

Violet Hornshaw (infant) went home sick


21st May 1895

Eliza Geldard and Laura Cooper late


31st May 1895

Charles Lotherington left before school had finished


18th July 1895

A large number of boys are absent today, picking peas for Mr Watson, farmer Sutton


2nd August 1895

Alice and Kate Bielby late


15th November 1895

John Smith taken from school at 11:10am by his father


22nd November 1895

May Barker late


4th December 1895

Reuben Fox late


1st May 1896

Walter and Nora Cooper late


13th May 1896

Teddie Atkin went home at 11am having been injured while playing


27th May 1896

Many children wanted to attend the funeral of their little companion May Barker 

14th July 1896

School closed tomorrow for Wheldrake flower show


27th August 1896

The burial of Mr Fox




21st October 1896

Children left at 11:40 to witness Day’s menagerie which passed through the village


4th April 1900

Mrs Tindale very kindly sent Easter eggs one for each child


27th April 1900

School closed by doctor’s orders on account of measles


21st May 1900

School reopened after 3 weeks on account of measles


2nd July-24th August 1900

School closed on account of Diphtheria


11th October 1900

Several boys absent on account of gathering potatoes  yesterday and today for Mr Charles Daniel


31st October 1900

The Attendance officer spoke to the children today, telling them to inform their parents, that those who kept their children at home would be severely dealt with in the future