By the author of Earth's Many Voices Anon

Published in 'The Parish Magazine' in 1878


Underneath the churchyard grass

Lie the quiet dead;

Many an aching heart at rest

Many a weary head;

Many a life whose story, long

Long hath passed away,

Many a life which closed on earth

But as yesterday


To the graves of yesterday

Come kind, gentle feet,

And upon them loving hands

Scatter flowers sweet:

But the graves of long ago

There are none to tend;

All who cared have passed away-

Brother, sister, friend.


Bring sweet flowers, lay them down

On forgotten graves,

Where the mossy stone is grey,

And the long graves waves:

Tears have fallen, hearts have ached,

Full as bitterly,

O'er the graves of long ago

As of yesterday


Forgotten graves

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