23rd July

The Etheringtons were turned away from school for a time, the mother having come into the school in a very rude and boisterous way and interfered with the mistress who was punishing her son George Henry for disobedience.


31st October

A. Daniel, G H Etherington and Jane Smith in the second class are very much behind in reading.

12th December

Frank Raney was given 6p by Mr Clarke for excellent work, Mrs ? gave Emily Russell 2p and Mrs K gave Richard Raney a penny.


5th January.

The Christmas tree was given by Captain Allenby and his wife from Brinkworth Hall

30th October-6th November

There was an outbreak of measles in the village


7th January

William and Agnes Bootland were told this morning by the Rev A J Clarke, the Rector, not to come to our school again, as they had now got a Master at Sutton

28th April (Friday)

Harriet Popplewell was sent home from school on Monday morning because of a sore place on her head

7th July

On Thursday afternoon the children left school a little after 3:30pm to attend the funeral of Jane Brown

22nd November 1878

Holiday all week on account of the flood. The water as high as the top of the first step going into the school door

17th January 1879

Several children are absent through sickness or with chilblains on their feet

12th December 1879

George Popplewell died last night after being absent from school less than a fortnight

30th January 1880

Yesterday (Thursday) the children were back after school until 4:45pm for noise and inattention

14th May 1880

Mr Bradley was fined 5s for his son Jabezs, bad attendance at school