5th December 1806

Conviction of George Emerson, common brewer

Keeping and using a greyhound for destruction of game at Elvington on the 27th November 1806

Fined 5

Informant: Thomas Caris of Elvington, farmer

Witness: James Cooper of Elvington, farmer


3rd November 1834

Conviction of John Harper, servant in husbandry to John Smallwood, farmer

Maliciously injure a male ass the property of William Dickson of Elvington, surgeon

Fined 1 7s and 12s 6d costs or 2 months in the House of Correction

Reverse Examination of witness: Samuel Midgley the younger and

John Lightowler


10th October 1834

Conviction of Christopher Dresser of Elvington

Used a gun to destroy game at Elvington

Fined 10

Informant: Robert Spence of Elvington


2nd January 1837

Bill not found William Wilkinson, Elvington, labourer

Assault on John Robinson by shooting him with a gun at Kexby

Witness: William Thompson


3rd October 1826

Conviction of John Johnson of Everingham, publican

Using a dog and gun to destroy game at Thornton

Fined 5

Informant: Daniel Young of Elvington, gardener

Witness: Richard Sowersby of Ellerton, labourer


15th January 1870

Conviction of John Noble

Steal one coat from John Harrison at Elvington

York Castle 21 days hard labour


8th October 1834

Conviction of Joseph Dresser of Kexby

Trespass on the lands of Henry Spence of Elvington for the purpose of killing game

Fined 10s plus 8s 3d costs

Informant: Mr Robert Spence

Examination of Frederick Debham


14th March 1863

Conviction of Matthew West of Elvington, labourer

Steal 3 hens eggs the value of 2d from Henry Carr at Elvington

House of Correction 21 days hard labour


3rd August 1836

Conviction of Thomas Fieldhouse

Assault on Mary Skilbeck at Elvington

Fined 16s 4d and 31 3s 8d costs or 1 month House of Correction


Convictions continued