29th June 1812

Conviction of Thomas Smith, William Laverack and John Brown, farmers, Thornton

Obstructing the highway near Sutton bridge in the township of Elvington

by blocking it with their carts on the 24th June 1812

Fined 10s

Informant: Mr John Spence Elvington Gentleman


3rd June 1863

Conviction of William Barker

On the 30th May 1863 at Elvington aged 14 years, stole a watch from William Castell

Fined 1 or 1 month House of Correction


1st October 1827

Conviction of William Turton

Selling half a chaldron of coals to John Easton of Pocklington which held only 12 bushels

Fined between 5s- 20s

Informant: John Fryer, Pocklington, Examiner of weights and balances


8th October 1836

Conviction of William Wilkinson, Elvington, husbandman

Trespass on lands at Kexby in the occupation of George Robinson of Kexby

Fined 2 and 15s costs or 2 months House of Correction


11th April 1780

Copy letter from J G Kilnwick to the gaoler at Lincoln Castle

Requesting the interrogation of Samuel Holmes formerly of Elvington now

in custody in respect of a murder near Kexby in 1774