He was the son of  Rev John Hoyland, Vicar of Felkirk and landowner and May Ann.

He was born in 1870 at South Hiendley vicarage, Felkirk. He had 3 sisters, Alice, Clare and Fannie, and a brother called John Henry.


In 1881 Clement was at boarding school at Doncaster


In 1903 Clement had bought land at Brierley Gap to build a home, he sold this 8 years later to Hemsworth RDC and the land to the Cordeaux family and left the area.

We think that he went to live with his mother at Harrogate for a time, before buying Brinkworth Hall

He lived here for quite a short time he then sold the Hall to George Edward Wright.

No more is known of  him


Notes about the Hoylands