BURIALS 1730-1788



John son of John Preston 29th March

John son of John Johnson 26th August

William Coates 27th August

Elizabeth wife of Thomas Stephenson 14th September

Thomas son of Thomas Holmes 16th September

Grace wife of Richard Mote 15th February



Thomas son of Thomas Waterworth 3rd May

Isabell daughter of John Johnson 28th November

John son of John Wadkin 15th February



Matthew son of John Daniel 26th July

Easter wife of Thomas Myton 27th August

Ann daughter of Thomas Waterworth 4th November

Frances wife of William Cowper 3rd December

Ann daughter of John Johnson 12th December

Thomas son of Thomas Gray 1st March



Thomas Myton 28th January



Thomas son of John Bowman 28th December

John son of Richard Harrison 29th April

Anne daughter of Thomas Butler 25th June



William Butler 6th June

Jane Fowler 27th July

Mary Gray 27th March

William Clarkson 27th March



Richard son of Richard Cobb 4th May

Faith daughter of Mr Preston 10th February



John Dennis 5th June

Robert son of Richard Matterson 25th July

Elizabeth daughter of William Vaux 29th July

Mary wife of Christopher Chompley 25th December

Richard Vaux 12th January

Richard Horner 8th March



Mary daughter of Robert Harrison 16th August



7 burials



Richard Carlton 18th April

William son of John Wrightson 22nd April

John Micklefield 8th May



?? Templeman March



Mary Wanman 29th June

Ann Vaux



No records



Elizabeth  wife of William Bocock farmer died 15th buried 17th September

Thomas son of Thomas Morritt farmer & Jane his wife, daughter of Thomas Wilkinson of Heslington Died 26th buried 28th January aged 4 years. Distemper & chin cough



John son of Robert Moat, labourer and his wife Mary. Died 17th buried 18th April aged 73 years

Sarah wife of Richard Bentley, tailor, daughter of Robert Thompson of Foulforth. Died 4th buried 5th July

Ann wife of Marmaduke Waterworth. Died the 5th and buried 7th April



Thomas son of William Wood, of this parish, farmer and Ann his wife daughter of William Palfreeman of Rufforth, by Isabel his wife. Died 20th buried 22nd August aged 7 years

John son of George Emerson of this parish, farmer by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac Linsley of Malton. Died 16th buried 18th February aged 10 weeks

Elizabeth Rider daughter of John Bowman of this parish, farmer, wife of Edward Rider of Skipwith, carpenter. Died of a consumption 22nd March buried 24th aged 24 years



Sarah wife of William Blackburn farmer died 9th April buried 11th

William Blackburn. Died 7th buried 9th October

Mary daughter of Thomas Newsham died in hospital 6th buried 8th February




Ann daughter of John Bowman farmer. Died 13th buried 15th April Consumption

Jane wife of Francis Johnson, farmer. Died 15th buried 17th May aged 38 years. Fever



Richard Cobb, farmer, Died 27th buried 29th May aged 80 years

Catherine daughter of Thomas Whittaker, Innkeeper. Died 25th buried 27th June aged 1 year. Fever

William Bocock, farmer. Died 5th buried 7th August. Rupture

Catherine Duckett, widow. Died 18th buried 20th March aged 83 years. Natural Decay



Matthew bastard son of Sarah Peacock. Died 19th buried 21st April aged 5 weeks

Catherine daughter of Thomas Whitaker, Innkeeper. Died 24th buried 25th May aged 9 days

Eleanor Dixon of this parish, pauper Died 22nd  buried 23rd September aged 40 years. Mortification

William Bell. Died 17th buried 19th November aged 80 years. Natural decay



Isabell Turton, of this parish. Died 26th buried 28th March aged 88 years. Natural decay

Maria daughter of John Bond. Died 30th March buried 1st May aged 48 weeks. Convulsions

Elizabeth wife of Richard Vause. Died 10th buried 12th June aged 53 years. Consumption

Mary wife of John Johnson. Died 9th  buried 11th October aged 57 years. Dropsy

Mary daughter of James Sharp. Died 12th buried 13th April. Consumption, Pauper