Elvington History


BURIALS 1788-1802



Mary wife of William Wharton of Rufforth. Died 6th buried 7th July. Aged 38 years. Consumption

 John bastard son of Mary Smith. died 6th buried 7th August. Fits aged 6 weeks

 Elizabeth daughter of William Cooper. Died 2nd buried 3rd October. Aged 9 days

 Mary daughter of Marmaduke Waterworth.. died 17th buried 19th November. Aged 15 years

 Sarah wife of Thomas Ellis. Died 20th buried 21st November. Aged 79 years, natural decay. Pauper

 William son of William Rutledge, blacksmith. Died 16th buried 17th January, aged 9 years. Fever

 William son of George Lazenby. Died 19th buried 20th February aged 22 years. Smallpox.



Mary Webster of the parish of Dunnington. Died 19th buried 21st May aged 66 years. Palsy.

 Elizabeth Wood, widow. Died 7th buried 9th September aged 69 years. Palsy.

 Ann daughter of Catherine Holmes. Died 13th buried 15th November aged 19 years. Consumption

 Thomas Marshall, carpenter of this parish was drowned. Died 25th buried 26th November



Thomas Ellis of this parish, schoolmaster. Died 12th buried 13th April aged 84 years. Natural decay. Pauper.

 Mary wife of Thomas Newsham. Died  the 7th buried 8th July aged 44 years. Decline. Pauper.

 Ann daughter of Henry Savage. Died 17th buried 18th July aged 4 weeks. Fits.

 Ann daughter of George Lazenby. Died 11th buried 13th September aged 21 years. Consumption

 George Lazenby of this parish, farmer. Died 19th buried 21st November aged 84 years. Natural decay.

 Isabella daughter of William Wood, farmer. Died 4th buried 6th March aged 18 years. Consumption.

 Ann widow of Ricahrd Cobb. Died 14th buried 16th March aged 84 years. Natural decay.



John Bowman of this parish, farmer. Died 31st August buried 1st September aged 67 years. Decline

 Mary daughter of Edward Rider of Bandsley, wheelwright. Died 17yh buried 18th  September aged 10 years. Consumption

 Dinah daughter of William Rutledge, blacksmith. Died 1st buried 2nd October aged 20 years. Consumption

 Luke son of William Duckett, tailor. Died 11th buried 13th February aged 4 years. Smallpox

 Jane daughter of George Emerson, farmer. Died 4th buried 7th February aged 22 years. Consumption



Elizabeth Waterworth. Died 12th buried 14th January aged 16 years. Consumption

 Catherine Holmes. Died 20th buried 21st February aged 59 years. Smallpox

 James Sharpe. Died 13th buried 14th March aged 57 years. Natural decay. Pauper

 ?? Johnson, farmer. Died 23rd buried 24th March aged 53 years. Fever



Alice Williamson. Died 9th buried 10th May aged 96 years. Natural decay

 Jane daughter of Robert Stockton. Died 16th buried 18th September aged 15 years. Consumption

 Ann Moat. Died 22nd buried 24th November aged 87 years. Natural decay

 Lydia Vollans. Died 15th buried 17th February aged 76 years. Natural decay

 Timothy Moat. Died 9th buried 11th February aged 4 years. Fever

 Isabella Wood of Wilberfoss. Died 10th buried 12th February aged 2 years. Fits



Sarah Stockton. Died 24th buried 26th March aged 60 years. Decline

 George Williamson. Died 27th buried 30th March aged 71 years. Decline

 Mary Sharp. Died 22nd buried 24th June aged 54 years. Hernia

 Mary Bowman (St Lawrence York). Died 6th buried 8th October aged 18 years. Fever



Michael Wilberfoss. Died 13th buried 15th April aged 82 years. Natural decay

 Sarah daughter of John Gatliffe. Died 23rd buried 26th April aged 44 weeks. Asthma

 John son of George Baines of York. Died 27th buried 29th April aged 43 weeks. Smallpox

 Rachel Duckett. Died 13th buried 15th November aged 61 years. Dysentry



Daniel Agar. Died 6th buried 7th May aged 12 years. Smallpox

 Thomas Frear?. Died 16th buried 17th May aged 28 years. Consumption

 William Coates. Died 24th buried 26th October aged 67 years. Cancer

 Thomas Taylor. Died 19th buried 21st February aged 11 months. Fits



Thomas Rutledge. Died 14th buried 16th January aged 45 weeks. Fits



John son of John Cawood of Heslington, schoolmaster. Died 26th buried 27th aged 7 weeks. Suffocation

 Ann daughter of George Bullock. Died 11th buried 12th aged 15 years. Fever



John son of William Wood of Newton on Derwent. Died 15th buried 18th April aged 19 years. Fever

 Hannah daughter of Thomas Prince. Died 19th buried 20th May aged 13 weeks. Fits

 Hannah daughter of William Baines, labourer. Died 24th buried 26th August aged 3 years. Fever

 John son of John Johnson, farmer. Died 12th buried 15th January. Died suddenly



James Coates, schoolmaster. Died 18th buried 20th July aged 28 years. Consumption

 Ellen wife of Michael Watkinson. Died 1st buried 3rd September aged 55 years. Consumption



Robert Moat, fisherman. Died 2nd buried 4th January aged 52 years. Consumption



John son of James Boocock. Died 24th buried 26th March. Fits

 George son of William Cooper. Died 3rd buried 5th May. Fever

 Frances wife of James Warriner. Died 12th buried 14th May. Flux

 Ann wife of William Duckett. Died 24th buried 26th May. Consumption

 John Cook. Died 28th buried 30th September. Dropsy

 Mary Savage daughter of John Baines, wife of William Savage of Strensall. Died 27th buried 29th November. Childbirth

Daughter of the above died 5th December. Fits

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