Elvington History


BURIALS 1713-1729



John Haton 22nd February

Edward Hessle 26th February



John Hardwick 12th July

Ann daughter of John Dennis 24th July

John Spink 20th March



Thomas son of Jacob Fowler 19th July

George son of Richard Vause 29th September

Maria Russell 4th November

Mary wife of William Smith 8th January

William Smith 18th January

Catherine Hardwick 12th February

Elizabeth daughter of John Maynard 18th March



?? Walker 17th August

Isabella Walker uxor ejus 11th October

Elizabeth Hessel 19th October

Margaret Archer 9th November



John Hessaw 1st April

Simon son of George Fairfax 2nd August



Jana Fowler 5th April

Matthew son of William Cooper 28th May



John Wright senior 3rd January

Edward son of Richard Watkinson 16th August

John son of Jacob Fowler 24th August

Alice wife of John Micklefield 24th October

Henry Bielby 25th October

Elizabeth Makeng 11th January

Susanna wife of William Hawking 17th January



Susanna wife of Matthew Tate 13th August

Elizabeth Baynton (widow) 23rd August

George Bielby (adolescens) 20th February

Alice Lofthouse (vidua) 15th February






Jacob Lazenby 1st may

Matthew Tate 20th September

Jana wife of William Clarkson 22nd October

Thomas Wright (cultor agri) 30th December



William Hawking (agricola) 25th March

Robert son of Henry Davy 11th April

Sarah Hardwick (vidua) 14th May

William son of Thomas Mighton 20th July

Sarah Bielby (vidua) 28th November

Elizabeth Hourd (ancilla) 15th January



Alice wife of William Craven 23rd January

Thomas son of William Cooper 23rd March

John Plowman (colonius) 29th March



Elizabeth Plowman (vidua) 1st November

Elizabeth wife of Martin Ambler 16th May

Jana Wilson (vidua) 23rd July

Jana Hardwick (adolescentula) 9th August



John son of Timothy Coltman infant 10th May

Nicolas Templeman (Calebs cator agri) 23rd January

Minan Sorrell 7th October

Jana daughter of Richard Turme 13th February



Elizabeth wife of Richard Mighton 3rd February

Lydia Wilkinson 30th April

John son of Richard Harrison 21st September

Robert son of Richard Mott 26th October

Martha daughter of Richard Horner 28th October

Thomas son of William Bourdon 3rd December

Maria Wray vidua filacissa 12th December

Abigail wife of John Williamson 17th January

Robert Mott 24th January



Sutton Squire 10th April (Rector of Elvington)

John Bowman 10th April

Anne Cobb 24th January

William son of William Burden 27th January

Elizabeth Burden 20th March

Mary wife of Richard Harrison 20th March