Elvington History

BURIALS 1696 to 1712





William Clarkson 29th March

Hugo son of John Haton 29th March

Elizabeth daughter of William Wilkinson 9th May

John Fisher 22nd May

Sarah White 10th July

Ann Cawood 11th January

Helen Craven 14th January

Alice daughter of Richard Cobb 16th February

Tobias son of Sutton Squire19th March



Marmaduke Bainton 16th April

Barbara Hessel 27th April

John son of William Wilkinson 5th January Jacob Camage 7th July

Hugo Haton 7th December



Maria daughter of Henry Davy 8th May

William son of William Wilkinson 11th May

Martha daughter of Matthew Lofthouse 25th May

Jacob Graham 6th July

Maria Amble 14th November

George White 27th February





Maria daughter of Richard Cobb 3rd December

Maria wife of Henry Davy 31st August

Margaret daughter of Hugo Maram 6th November

William Tate 31st October (in Wheldrake)

Alice wife of Edward Hessel 1st November



William Abbey 18th April

Anna daughter of John Williamson 15th May

Francisca Wray (widow) 24th January

Jacob son of John Ploughman 20th July

John Coates 15th November



Margaret daughter of William Wilkinson 7th April

Margaret wife of William Wilkinson 6th January



Alice daughter of John Ploughman 3rd May

Anna wife of John Ploughman 3rd September

Esther Butler 8th November


Alice wife of Robert Wood 5th April

Nicholas Templeman 9th July

John Coates 21st July

Faith wife of Sutton Squire 8th September (Rector of Elvington)

Robert Wood 12th September

William son of Richard Vaus 7th January

Anna Haddsley 19th January

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Mighton



Lucia Goodwin 24th January

Thomas Stephen 24th January

Frances Haton 16th January

Isabella Deusberry 13th January

Isabella Thompson 24th February



Maria Camage 21st May

William Jacques 29th January (related to Roger Jacques Lord Mayor of York 1646)

Robert Deusberry 6th August

Maria Leng 6th August

Francis Cook 25th December

Ann daughter of William Pockley

Anna wife of William Pockley 20th January

John Fowler 2nd March



Edward Hessel 16th April

Margaret wife of Richard Cobb 3rd May

Simon Stern 22nd August (Elvington Hall)

Elizabeth Haton 10th October

Simon Spurius 30th November



Jared Cobb 16th February

Francis son of William Craven 2nd May

Maria daughter of William Wilkinson 27th July

Garety? Richardson 14th December



Elizabeth wife of John Bowman 12th May

Anna Porter 2nd July

John Wray 25th February

Thomas son of John Dennis



Maria Hardwick 27th January

Elizabeth wife of William Craven 1st September

Elizabeth daughter of John Ploughman 13th October