Elvington History






Vaccinations were against Smallpox and given by Doctor Widdas


Born 11thDec 1871 Minnie Louise daughter of Joseph Richardson. Groom. Vac. given 1st.March 1872.

Born 7th.Dec.1871 Henry son of Thomas Tatterton. Farm Labourer Vac. given 1st Mar.1872.

Born 7th.Dec.1871 Schofield son of William Oxtoby. Miller Vac. given 11th.Feb 1872.

Born 6th.Dec.1871 James son of Thomas Castell. Farm Labourer. Vac. Given 22nd.July 1872.

Born 8th.Mar.1872. Robert James son of Edward Wright. Gardener. Vac. Given 22ndJuly 1872

Born 21st.March 1872 William son of Hugh Fox. Waterman. Vac. Given 22nd.July 1872.

Born 27th.Mar 1872 Mary Ann daughter of William Lacy Carr. Farmer. Vac. given 4th.July 1872.

Born 22nd.April 1872 Sarah daughter of Thomas Taylor. Book Hawker. Vac. given 22nd.July 1872

Born 7th.June Ernest William son of Francis Johnson. Blacksmith (postponed until 6th.July)

Born 12th.May 1872 Maria daughter of David Mercer. Painter. Vac. given 26th.May 1872

Born 2nd.August 1872 Frances daughter of Thomas Brown KIRK? KICK? RICK?  Gardener. Dead.

29th.Dec.1872 Tom son of William Elliot. Farm labourer. Vac. given 26th.Mar.1873

Born 17th.Nov 1872 Georgina Brown daughter of Matthew Brown. Farm Labourer. Vac. given 10th. Nov 1873.



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