Elvington History





Mrs Mary Cheap gentlewoman

Amaziah Empson Esq Manor House

Rev William Green Curate

Dr Alexander Mather Brinkworth Hall

Robert Spence yeoman


Henry Raney blacksmith

Thomas Routledge blacksmith

Samuel Smales carpenter

William Taylor carpenter


Matthew Barton

George Bond

Mary Bowman

William Bowman

James Cooper

George Emerson and brewer

Richard Frear

Thomas Linfoot

John Morley

Henry Ramsay Spence

William Tate

William Walker

Thomas Wright

Anthony Appleton gardener

William Routledge gardener

William Duckett shopkeeper

William Thornton shopkeeper

William Holmes tailor

William Johnson tailor

John Cross schoolmaster

John Galtress butcher

Peter Lorriman shoemaker and Grey Horse Inn

Thomas Lotherington bricklayer

James Pearson shoemaker

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