Thomas was baptized on the 5th August 1827.

In 1851 he is working on a farm at Newton upon Derwent. It is probably here that he might have met  his wife Margaret Brown (born 27/9/1830)

They married at Elvington on the 9th August 1856.

They had

George 1857

Robert 1859

Thomas 1862

Samuel 1864

Joseph 1865

Walter 1867

Alfred 1870-1944

Henry 1872.

Thomas lived at Rose Cottage, Elvington. Sadly this house no longer exists, it was demolished when the airfield was built.

Margaret died at an early age, she was just 46, and was buried at Elvington on the 16th January 1877.

Thomas remarried to a lady called Eliza Kendill in 1883.

Thomas died in 1905.

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