Elvington History




from Grey Leys Farm also spelt Leas Farm


James Leng b c1696 d c1755 married Elizabeth Staveley b ?, d 1755

Grey Leas Farm, Elvington Lane, Yorkshire, England.

Married on the 16 of April 1723, in Sherriff Hutton, Holy Cross Church Yorkshire, England

They had at least 3 sons

John Leng b 1724 d 1794

James Leng b1723 d 1730

Thomas Leng b1731 d?



John Leng b1724 d1794 married Anne Flint b ? d1763.

marriage at Grey Leas Farm, Elvington Lane, Yorkshire, England

They had 4 children

Elizabeth Leng b 1751 d 1820 m Wm Stokes

John Leng b 1753 d1795

Thomas Leng b 1757 d? m Thomas Stokes

Mary Leng b 1761 d? m Wm Jackson



John Leng b 1753 d1795 married *Anne Acomb b 1772 d 1822

marriage in 1789, Wheldrake, Yorkshire, England

They had 2 sons

John Leng b1791 d1814 Grey Leys Farm. never married

William Leng b1793 d 1847 immigrated to  Canada c1822. m Ann Neads

Name spelt in Canada as Lang

*Anne Acomb Leng Married a second husband by the name of

Martin Braithwaite b 1767 d 1819 North Newbald, England and they had

a daughter

Mary Braithwaite b 1797 d? m Richard Clark



*Would love to share family info with anyone related-

Barb Lang Walker  langwalk@gmail.com