(The birthdays are in brackets)

February 4th

Emily daughter of Matthew Brown, Wagoner and Myra his wife (Jan 9th 1866)

February 18th

Albert son of John Popplewell, labourer and Mary Elizabeth his wife (Jan7th 1866)

March 4th

Thomas Bellerby son of Thomas B Lotherington, bricklayer and of Fanny his wife (Jan 31st 1866)

March 9th

Thomas son of Joseph Vollans, labourer and of Mary his wife (Mar 6th 1866 died Mar 15th and buried at Seaton Ross)

March 25th

Mary Ann daughter of William Abraham, brickmaker and of Elizabeth his wife (Feb 10th 1866)

April 29th

Francis Joseph son of Thomas Duck, labourer, and of Hannah his wife (Mar 25th 1866)

May 27th

Joseph son of Thomas Tatterton, labourer and Margaret his wife (Nov 1st 1865)

June 17th

James Brown son of William Thomas, labourer, and Elizabeth his wife (May 23rd 1866)

July 22nd

Elizabeth daughter of John Mercer, schoolmaster and of Elizabeth his wife (June 22nd 1866)

August 1st

Mary Blanch daughter of Edmund Atkin, butcher and of Elizabeth his wife (July 30th 1866 received Sep 16th)

August 12th

Thomas son of William Smallwood, farm foreman and of Ann his wife (Mar 21st 1865)
Fanny daughter of William Smallwood farm foreman and of Ann his wife (July 11th 1866)

September 2nd

Richard son of Mr Francis Carr, farmer and of Mary his wife (July 30th 1866)
Sarah Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Brown, labourer and of Sarah his wife (Aug 9th 1866)

September 30th

George William Robert son of Robert Wright, book-keeper and of Mary his wife (July 18th 1866)
Anne daughter of William Elliott, labourer and of Sarah his wife (Aug 25th 1866)

October 15th

Charles Alfred son of George Wrightson, miller and of Elizabeth his wife (Aug 31st 1866)

October 21st

Ann daughter of Mr John Bowman M.R.C.V.S and of Rosetta his wife (Sep 21st 18866)

November 11th

George son of William Bradley, labourer and of Hannah his wife (Oct 11th 1866)



June 18th

Henry Distance, labourer of Elvington to Mary Elizabeth daughter of John Savage who was then living in Elvington as a brick maker

September 6th

William Matthews, lawyer's clerk at Sheffield to Mary Jane daughter of Mr William Holmes, whitesmith, York

October 15th

Roundell Russell, groom at Pontefract, to Mary daughter of William Cartwright, farm foreman Elvington

December 31st

Henry Clarkson, labourer of Elvington to Emma daughter of George Distance, hawker at Elvington



January 8th Mr George Hardy, aged 24 years. Mr Hardy's father, though an Englishman lived in Russia. His son came to England to learn farming. He however died at Elvington

February 8th Elizabeth daughter of Mr H Wise aged 1 year

February 14th  Mr James McLachlan Dickson aged 34 years son of the late Mr W Dickson, surgeon, Elvington

March 11th Mary the wife of Joseph Vollans, farm servant Brinkworth aged 27 years

May 27th  Sarah daughter of W Dawes aged 3 years

July 31st  Lewis son of W Thomas aged 5 years

December 14th  Ann the wife of Mr James Burniston, farmer aged 69 years

December 25th  Ann the wife of Mr H Carr, farmer aged 59 years


March 1st

Richard Tilburn died at Elvington aged 76 years, he was buried at Wilberfoss. If we are rightly informed R Tilburn began to act as postman on Jan 7th 1844. After serving Her Majesty for some 21 years, he retired with a well earned pension. During his later years of service he had the use of a pony, for the purpose of which a public subscription was made.
A successful photograph of postman and pony was made some years ago by Mr Bellerby

December 1st  George Bullock died and was buried at York aged 40 years

December 4th Henry Ward died and was buried at Leeds aged 27 years


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