Elvington History




James Burniston was born 1797 he died 21st February 1872 and is buried in Elvington.

He married Ann, Carr (14/3/1799 Heslington) on the 14th June 1821 at Elvington.
Ann died 12th December 1866 aged 68, and is also buried in Elvington.

In 1851 they are living at Cheesecake farm, and they are still there in 1861.

In 1871 James, now a widow has retired and is living with his daughter, Hannah and her family.

James and Ann had the following children all born in the village

Hannah 1827

Maria 1829

William Lewis 1831

Ellen 1834

Ann 1837

Francis 1840

Richard 1844


The following is taken from a paper written by Rev L Rivett

The full work will be available on this site in the very near future


Mr Burniston's family gave thanks to the zealous and valuable aid of old and young who helped them in their hour of need.

The family escaped the ravages of a dangerous fire in 1868


In December 1866 " Mrs Burniston-a godly matron and communicant was buried on the 14th



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