Elvington History



William Brighton married Ann Wycliff. They had a son also called William born in Seaton Ross.

William married Fanny Forth Popplewell in 1856.

They lived for a time with Fanny's father in Elvington, before moving to Kexby, and then to Wilberfoss.

They had 9 children

Annie 13th December 1856 Elvington

Wycliffe 29th October 1859 Elvington

Albert 31st October 1860 Elvington

Thomas 28th January 1863 Elvington

Lily 12th February 1865 Kexby

Hannah 29th September 1867 Kexby

William Wade 9th April 1871 Kexby

James 1873 Kexby

Fanny Forth 5th August 1878 Kexby.


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