Elvington History


BAPTISMS 1874-75

The names of Godparents are in italics

January 4th

Thomas George son of John Goodall, farm servant and Ann his wife
(Born November 24th 1873)
George Johnson, T Mitchell, Elizabeth Richardson

May 14th

Harry son of David Mercer, painter and Sarah Jane his wife
(Born May 7th 1874. Died May 16th 1874)

May 17th

Elizabeth daughter of William Rotherforth, labourer and Sarah Ann his wife
(Born April 10th 1874)
John Stather, Mrs  Etherington, Mrs Thomas

May 24th

Herbert son of Hugh Fox, coal dealer and Octavia
(Born March 29th 1874. Received April 25th 1875)
The Rector, F  Kirk, Mrs Kirk

June 6th
Dorothy Hannah daughter of Thomas Gowland, brickmaker and Mary his wife
(Born 6th June  1874. Died June 6th 1874)

July 19th
Thomas Stockdale son of Thomas Taylor, servant and Sarah his wife
(Born June 5th 1874)
The Rector, T Taylor, Mrs T Taylor

August 16th
Margaret  daughter of John Theakston, shoe maker and Margaret his wife
(Born July 14th 1874)
The Rector, Mrs Theakston, Mrs Smallwood

August 23rd
Margaret Maud daughter of James Henry Keighley Esq and Mrs Keighley his wife
(Born July 31st 1874)
 H F Wilcox Esq, Mrs Douglas, Miss Clarke


November 1st
Harriet  daughter of William Calvert, labourer and Emily Ann his wife
(Born June 16th 1874)
Frederick Flowers, Mrs F Flowers, Mrs Calvert

November 29th
Margaret Ann daughter of Thomas Cox, servant and Mary Jane his wife
(Born July 4th 1874)
 J Stenett, Elizabeth H Moate, Elizabeth Warrington

Thomas son of Matthew Brown, labourer and Myra his wife
(Born October 15th 1874. Died October 13th 1875)
The Rector, Mark Headley, Mrs M Brown

December 20th
Annie Elizabeth daughter of Joseph Richardson, servant and Ann his wife
(Born November 13th 1874)
The Rector, Mrs D Mercer, Caroline Blake


January 12th
Anthony son of Thomas Brown, labourer and Sarah his wife
(Born July 16th 1874. Died February 4th 1875)

March 21st
William Charles Eric son of G M A Rudkin Esq, surgeon, and Mrs Rudkin
(Born February 22nd 1875)
 Very Rev A Daunt BD Dean of Cork, W H Rudkin Esq, Mrs Dennis

March 28th
Elizabeth daughter of John Dresser, butcher & flour dealer and Sarah Ann his wife
(Born  March 3rd 1875)
Mr C Carr, Mrs C Carr, Mrs James Carr

Maria daughter of Edmund Atkin butcher and Elizabeth his wife
(Born November 11th 1874)
The Rector, Mrs Ward, Mrs F Smith

May 23rd
John Thomas son of the late William Newton, publican of Upper Poppleton and Mary his wife
Born April 28th 1875)
Mr J Reynolds, Mrs J Reynolds, John Newton

Eliza Jane daughter of Joseph Etherington, labourer and Jane his wife
(Born April 28th 1875)
Albert Brown, Mrs A Brown, Mrs Thomas

May 26th
William Lacy son of Mr William Lacy Carr farmer and Martha Agnes
(Born April 14th 1875)
The Rector, Mr W L Carr, Miss Maria Raney

September 12th
Maria Louisa daughter of Mr John Reynolds farmer and Mary Ann his wife
(Born August 6th 1875)
H Raney Jnr, Mrs J Reynolds, Mrs Matthews

October  1st
Emily daughter of Thomas Castell, labourer and Harriet his wife
(Born June 20th 1875. Received February 14th 1877)
The Rector, Mrs T Castell, Mrs Pottage

October 19th
Charlotte daughter of Henry Tasker labourer and Jane his wife
(Born October 13th 1875)
The Rector, Mrs H Tasker, Mrs Etherington

November 28th
Tom son of John Popplewell, labourer and Mary Elizabeth his wife
(Born October 29th 1875)
J Popplewell, J Etherington, Mrs Etherington

December 5th
Hannah Mary daughter of George Tasker labourer and Mary Ann his wife
(Born November 3rd 1875)
B Tasker, Mrs Stather, Mrs Thomas

December 18th
Mary daughter of William Calvert labourer and Emily Ann his wife
(Born November 3rd 1875)
The Rector, Mrs Calvert, Mary Calvert

December 26th
Jane Ann daughter of George Cross carpenter and Maria his wife
(Born November 21st 1875)
G Cross, Mrs G Cross, Mrs Harper