Elvington History


BAPTISMS 1872-73


The names of the Godparents are in italics


January 7th

 Mary Jane daughter of Thomas Duck, fisherman and Hannah his wife
(Born November 14th 1871
 The Rector, J Brown, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Duck


January 17th

 Jessie daughter of William Smallwood, hind and his wife Ann
(Born November 30th 1871. Died March 10th 1872):
 The Rector, Mrs F Smith, Mrs Atkin


February 6th

 Henry son of Thomas Tatterton, steam thresher and Margaret his wife
(Born December 7th 1871)
 The Rector, G Thompson, Mrs Horner

 James son of Thomas Castell, labourer and his wife Harriet
(Born December 6th 1871)
 The Rector, D Mercer, M Castell


February 27th

Schofield son of William Oxtoby, miller and his wife Mary Ann
(Born December 7th 1871)
 The Rector, G Thompson, Mrs Oxtoby


March 19th

Annie daughter of Henry Tasker, labourer and Jane his wife
(Born August 14th 1870 at Aberford)
 Mrs H Tasker, Mrs Etherington, B Tasker


April 14th

Robert James son of Edward Wright, gardener and Catherine his wife
(Born March 8th 1872)
 The Rector, Mr J Reynolds, Charlotte Shaw


May 19th

William son of Hugh Fox, coal dealer and his wife Octavia
(Born March 21st 1872)
 The Rector, T Townsend, Mrs Townsend

 Sarah daughter of Thomas Taylor, book hawker and Sarah his wife
(Born April 22nd 1872)
 Mrs Tate, Martha Tate, Thomas Taylor


May 29th

John James son of Francis Johnson, blacksmith and Martha his wife
(Born May 25th 1872. Received August 10th 1873)
: The Rector, W L Appleton, Mrs Appleton


June 2nd

Minnie Louisa daughter of Joseph Richardson, groom, and Ann his wife
(Born December 11th1871)
 J Richardson, Mrs Wrightson, Hannah Leak


June 30th

Maria daughter of David Mercer, painter and Sarah Jane his wife
(Born May 26th 1872)
 The Rector, M Castell, E Taylor


July 7th

Ernest William son of George Thompson, carpenter  and Elizabeth his wife
(Born June 7th 1872)
 G Thompson, H Foster, S Foster


September 22nd

Amelia daughter of John Harrison, labourer and Sarah his wife
(Born August 21st 1872)
The Rector, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Duck


September 29th

Frances daughter of Thomas Brown, labourer and Sarah his wife
(Born August 2nd 1872)
 The Rector, Joseph Theakston, Ellen Lumby


October 27th

Mary Ann daughter of Mr William Lacy Carr, farmer and his wife Martha Agnes
(Born March 27th 1872)
The Rector, Mrs Hirst, Miss Moate


Decemberí 28th

Harry son of Frederick Kirk, servant and Jane his wife
(Born December 18th 1872. Died December 1872)





January 5th

Georgina daughter of Matthew Brown, labourer and Myra his wife
(Born November 17th 1872)
 The Rector, Mrs M Brown, Mrs E Wright


February 12th

Tom son of William Elliott, labourer and his wife Sarah
(Born November 13th 1872)
The Rector, W Elliott, Mrs Elliott


February 18th

Clara Annie daughter of William Thomas, labourer and his wife Elizabeth
(Born January 19th 1873)
James Brown, Mrs A Brown, Mrs Stather

 Septimus son of Mr Francis Carr, farmer and his wife Mary
(Born January 6th 1873)
The Rector, H Raney Jnr, Miss Yeates, Miss Raney


April 13th

Richard Rotsey son of John William Cooper, labourer and his wife Barbara
(Born March 19th 1873)
R Harriman, J Watson (Wheldrake) Mrs Cooper


April 27th

George Benson son of Henry Tasker, labourer and Jane his wife
(Born March 24th 1873)
 H Tasker, B Tasker, Mrs Stather


June 8th

Mary Elizabeth daughter of William Wise, farmer, Wheldrake and Mary Ann his wife
(Born May 8th 1873)
 G Hall, Mrs W Hall, G Hall


June 22nd

George Anthony son of James Brown, fisherman and his wife Ellen
(Born May 25th 1873)
James Brown, D Bangs, Mrs Horner


August 10th

Alfred Ralph son of James Henry Keighley Esq and Mrs Keighley
(Born July 14th 1873)
 R L Dixon Esq, C G L Kipling Esq, Mrs Carter


September 22nd

John son of George Tasker, labourer and Mary Ann his wife
(Born September 8th 1873. Received October 12th 1873. Died October 8th 1875)
J Dixon, D Cooper, L Swales


October 12th

Marmaduke Cecil son of Captain Allenby of Brinkworth Hall and Mrs Allenby
(Born August 30th 1873)
Captain Allenby, J Wilkinson Esq, Mrs Allenby


November 2nd

Francis George son of John Popplewell, farm servant and Mary Elizabeth his wife
(Born October 8th 1873)
 The Rector, J Popplewell, Mrs Thomas


November 10th

Thomas Edward son of John Dresser, butcher & flour dealer and his wife Sarah Ann
(Born November 9th 1873. Received February 15th 1874)
 T Mitchell, F Carr, Miss Raney, Miss Pearson


November 16th

Annie daughter of Thomas Castell, labourer and his wife Harriet
(Born October 7th 1873)
The Rector, M Castell, A Beilby


December 18th

Cicely daughter of Frederick Kirk, servant and his wife Jane
(Born December 15th 1873. Died December 25th 1873)