Elvington History


BAPTISMS 1870-71



January 5th
Daniel son of Cornelius Widdas and his wife Charlotte

 January 9th
Catherine Selina daughter of Joseph Richardson groom  and his wife Ann (nee Wrightson)
(Nov 30th 1869)
The Rector; H Leak; Mrs Wrightson snr

 January 15th
Adah daughter of Thomas Brown labourer and his wife Sarah
(Jan 1st 1870 Died Jan 20th 1870)

January 26th
Annie daughter of Thomas Harper gardener and Miriam his wife
(Dec 15th 1869)
The Rector; Mrs Cross; Mrs F Smith

January 28th
Alfred son of Jonathan Fairburn bricklayer and Ann his wife
(Oct 4th 1869 Received Apr 13th 1870)
The Rector; J Fairburn; Mrs Fairburn

February 19th
Haldenby son of Francis Johnson blacksmith and his wife Martha
(Feb 19th 1870 Died Feb 25th 1870)


 March 16th
Pearson son of Robert Headley labourer and his wife Harriet
(Feb 5th 1870)
The Rector; W Hawes; B Pearson

 March 23rd
William Edward son of John Reynolds farmer and his wife Elizabeth (nee Dresser)
(Feb 20th 1870 Died Apr 15th 1870)

 April 6th
Henry Bentley son of William Lacey Carr farmer and his wife Martha Agnes
(Dec 9th 1869)
Mr H Carr; Mr J Acomb; Miss I Bentley; Miss J Carr

 April 15th
Arthur Edward son of Francis Carr farmer and his wife Mary
(Mar 14th 1870)
The Rector; Mr F Carr; Mrs F Carr; Miss M Beale

 April 24th
Harriet daughter of Thomas Castell  labourer and his wife Harriet
(Mar 18th 1870)
The Rector; Mrs T Castell; Mrs Wrightson snr

 May 22nd
John son of Thomas Duck labourer and his wife Hannah (nee Stead)
(May 3rd 1870)
The Rector; D Bangs; Mrs Horner

 May 29th
Joseph son of William Smallwood hind and his wife Ann
(Apr 28th 1870)
The Rector; W Smallwood; Mrs F Smith

Alfred son of Thomas Tatterton steam thrasher and Margaret his wife
(Apr 19th 1870)
The Rector; D Mercer; Mrs Tatterton

 July 10th
Thomas Dixon son of Joseph Etherington labourer and his wife Jane
(June 21st 1870 Received July 24th 1870)
The Rector; J Etherington; Mrs Etherington

 July 24th
Herbert Charles son of William Thomas wagoner and his wife Elizabeth
(June 25th 1870)
The Rector; W Hawes; S A Stather

 August 21st
Edith Mary daughter of John Edward Hindle corn factor and his wife Henrietta
(July 16th 1870)
W A Rudd Esq M R C S; Miss M Rawlinson; Miss Jennings

 September 11th
George son of Hugh Fox mariner and his wife Octavia (nee Barker)
(Sep 10th 1870)
The Rector; T Townsend; Mrs Townsend

 September 18th
Anthony son of James Brown fisherman and his wife Ellen
(Aug 22nd 1870 Died Nov 14th 1871)
Js Brown; W Mighton; Mrs Thomas

 September 25th
Ambrose son of William Oxtoby miller and his wife Mary Ann
(Aug 18th 1870)
The Rector; W Oxtoby; Mrs Oxtoby

 October 30th
John Thomas son of William Tasker farm foreman and his wife Martha
(Sep 10th 1870)
The Rector; Jos. Theakston; Mrs F Smith; Mrs Atkin

 December 14th
Thomas Alfred son of John Reynolds and his wife Elizabeth (nee Dresser)
(Dec 7th 1870 Died Dec 26th 1870)




January 25th
Matthew son of Matthew Brown labourer and his wife Myra (nee Hedley)
(Dec 12th 1870)
The Rector; Robert Marlow; Mrs M Brown

 March 1st
Walter Robert son of Edward Cotton labourer and his wife Ann
(Jan 21st 1871)
The Rector; E Cotton; Mrs F Smith

 March 4th
Louisa daughter of Thomas Bellerby Lotherington bricklayer and his wife Fanny
(Feb 7th 1871)
D Mercer; R Wilson; Mrs Wilson; Mrs Lotherington

 March 27th
Eliza daughter of Thomas Brown labourer and his wife Sarah (nee Burley)
(Mar 23rd 1871 Died Apr 7th 1871)

 April 23rd
John William son of Sarah Ann Stather

 June 17th
Mary Ann daughter of William Adams wood turner and his wife Elizabeth (nee Tindale)
(Jun 11th 1871)
H Hill; Mrs Hill; Hannah M Stather

 June 18th
Mary Elizabeth daughter of William Elliott labourer and his wife Sarah
(May 15th 1871)
The Rector; Mrs Elliott; Mrs G Lazenby

 July 16th
Sarah Ann daughter of George Bland Theakston tailor  and his wife Sarah
(June 26th 1871)
The Rector; Mrs J Taylor; Mrs D Mercer

John son of Edmund Atkin butcher and his wife Elizabeth (nee Ward)
(Jun 13th 1871)
The Rector; F Smith; Mrs Smallwood

The first Baptism at part of the old font placed again in the church on a new base was that of

August 15th
Charles James son of James Henry Keighley Esq and Mrs Keighley
(July 11th 1871)
Capt. Carter R N; T L Dodsworth Esq; Miss Kipling

 October 15th
Harriet daughter of John Popplewell farm servant and his wife Mary Elizabeth (nee Robinson)
(Sep 20th 1871)
J Popplewell; Mrs Popplewell; Mrs Etherington

 November 19th
Annie Elizabeth daughter of John Goodall farm servant and his wife Ann
(Sep 21st 1871)
Mrs Goodall; M A Goodall; G Johnson

 December 31st
Bertram Edward son of Daniel Widdas Esq surgeon  and his wife Cora
(Oct 31st 1871)
The Rev A J Clarke; H Foster Esq; Miss Foster