Elvington History


BAPTISMS 1868-69


January 1st
Rebecca daughter of George Laverack and his wife Hannah

January 28th
Tom son of William Brighton and his wife Fanny Forth (nee Popplewell)

February 23rd
Mary Emma daughter of William Oxtoby and his wife Mary Ann

March 29th
William son of David Mercer and his wife Sarah Jane


April 8th
Clara daughter of William Bradley and his wife Hannah

April 12th
John William son of Benjamin Foster and his wife Ann

June 7th
Harriet daughter of Matthew Poppleton and his wife Hannah

June 12th
Henry son of William Abraham and his wife Elizabeth

July 5th
George son of William Elliott labourer and his wife Sarah
(June 2nd 1868)
The Rector; Mr Bellerby; Mrs Elliott

July 19th
Alfred son of Thomas Castell labourer, and his wife Harriet
(June 20th 1868)
T Castell; H Pollard; Mrs Pollard

August 12th
Charles son of Henry Tasker, labourer and Jane (nee Benson his wife
(Born 24th July, Received Aug 30th)
G Benson; G Pears; Mrs Pears


September 13th
Catherine Agnes Frances daughter of Capt. Robert Allenby and his wife Agnes (nee Thompson) of Brinkworth Hall
(June 1st 1868)
Capt Allenby; Mrs Walker; Mrs Legard

October 18th
Rosetta daughter of Joseph Etherington labourer, and his wife Jane
(Sept 16th 1868)
M Watson, H Leak; E Hill

November 1st
Frederick son of Mr F Carr, farmer and his wife Mary
(July 20th 1868)
The Rector, Mr R Burniston; Miss A Fearby, Miss J E Carr

November 22nd
Eliza daughter of Edmund Atkin butcher, and his wife Elizabeth (nee Ward)
(Oct 19th 1868)
The Rector; Mrs Ward; Mrs Wrightson




February 28th
Violet Selina daughter of Henry Wise, flour and coal merchant and Elizabeth his wife
(Jan 12th 1869)
G Hall; J Wise; M Carter

March 12th
Mary Elizabeth daughter of Hugh Fox mariner and Octavia (nee Barker) his wife
(Feb 3rd 1869 Received April 11th 1869)
Mr Barker; Mrs Barker; Mrs Fox

March 24th
Lewis son of Thomas Brown labourer and Sarah his wife
(Feb 10th 1869)
The Rector; T Brown; Mrs W Thomas

March 29th
Louisa daughter of Matthew Brown labourer and Myra (nee Hedley ) his wife
(Mar 17th Received Apr 11th 1869)
The Rector; Mrs M Brown; M Beale

April 11th
Julia Sarah daughter of William Tasker farm foreman and Martha his wife
(Jan 25th 1869)
C Johnson; M Beale; S Swann

May 6th
Henrietta daughter of William Oxtoby miller, and Mary Ann his wife
(Apr 14th 1869)
H Schofield; Mrs Oxtoby; Mrs Stather

May 11th
Margaret Anne daughter of Joseph Smith publican, and Fanny his wife
(Mar 27th Received May 23rd 1869)
The Rector; Mrs Atkin; Mrs Richardson

May 16th
Thomas son of John Watson labourer and Sarah his wife
(Apr 15th 1869)
The Rector; Mr Bellerby; Mrs Watson

May 23rd
Charles son of George Lazenby labourer and Elizabeth his wife
(Apr 10th 1869 Died July 19th 1873 Buried at White Chapel, Cleckheaton)
The Rector; G Lazenby; Mrs Lazenby; Mrs Lazenby snr

May 24th
William son of John Tasker labourer and Ann his wife
(May 23rd Received June 20th 1869)
The Rector, G Tasker, C Shepherdson

July 25th
Alfred son of David Mercer painter and Sarah Jane his wife
(June 27th 1869)
The Rector; D Mercer; Mrs James Brown

August 22nd
May daughter of Thomas Bellerby Lotherington bricklayer and Fanny his wife
(Jul 27th 1869)
Mr Bellerby; Mrs Bellerby; Mrs Lotherington

November 7th
Mabel daughter of Thomas Tilburn gardener and Eliza his wife
(Oct 18th 1869)
The Rector, Mrs M Warren: Mrs Tilburn

December 15th
Benjamin son of John Popplewell farm servant and Mary Elizabeth (nee Robinson) his wife
(Nov 22nd 1869)
The Rector; J Popplewell; Mrs Popplewell