Elvington History


BAPTISMS 1760-1778





BAINES William son of John 20th January

moat Leonard son of Thomas 15th July

jackson Matthew son of Thomas 17th August
nicholson Mary daughter of John 24th August

wright Mary daughter of John 20th July

williamson George son of Robert & Ann Cobb 17th February



bentley Thomas son of Richard  2nd August

bilbrough Richard son of Richard  10th May

bowman Ann daughter of John  21st May




baines Hannah daughter of John  1st January

moat Mary daughter of Thomas 7th March

watson John son of Joseph & Jane Birden 15th November



baines George son of John 28th August

bowman Thomas son of John 10th April

bentley Sarah daughter of Richard 18th April

duckett William son of William 2nd February

jackson Margaret daughter of Thomas 17th August

lazenby John son of George 7th August

watkinson Richard son of Richard 28th November



creaserMary daughter of John 9th December

moat Hannah daughter of Thomas 1st January

sherwood William son of John 30th June



baines William son of John 12th May

bowman Hannah daughter of John 3rd March

duckett Hannah daughter of William 31st March

bentley Frances daughter of Richard 18th August

harwood Thomas son of Thomas 27th October

spicer Margaret daughter of Ann 24th November



creaser John son of John 2nd March

johnson John son of John 31st August

lazenby William and Robert twin sons of George 5th March
bowman John son of John 26th October



baines Mary daughter of John 25th December

creaser Ann daughter of John 28th May
vause Samuel bastard son of Mary 12th December



bentley Mary daughter of Richard 1st May

creaser Hannah daughter of John 31st July

duckett John son of William 4th December

harwood William son of Thomas 10th February
waterworth Ann daughter of Marmaduke 10th April
sherwood James son of William 26th September
bowman William son of John 23rd October



lazenby Ann daughter of George 16th February
daniel Harriet daughter of John & Mary 21st July



pottage William son of Thomas 26th August
cooper John son of William 25th June
bowman Hannah daughter of John & Hannah 30th September
sherwood Mary daughter of William 21st October
williamson Hannah daughter of James & Elizabeth Cobb 19th November



thompson John son of Benjamin 5th May
cooper William son of William 6th October

rutledge Mary daughter of William & Sarah Bell 9th July  5th August




holmes Samuel son of Samuel & Catherine 3rd June

pottage Jane daughter of Thomas & Hannah 12th April
waterworth Ann daughter of Marmaduke & Sarah 14th June
bowman Robert son of John & Hannah 17th July



collins William son of James & Elizabeth 14th March

cooper Thomas son of William & Elizabeth 14th March

duckett Ann daughter of William & Rachel 3rd November

holmes Elizabeth daughter of Samuel & Catherine 20th August

morritt William son of Thomas & Mary 15th August



ashforth Elizabeth daughter of John &  Mary 31st July

bentley James son of Richard & Sarah 13th March

bowman Jane daughter of John  & Hannah 15th May

latham Elizabeth daughter of Jane 25th December

morritt Ann daughter of Richard & Ann 26th September

waterworth Mary daughter of Marmaduke & Sarah 1st May



bond Alexander son of John & Mary 16th July

warrener Ann daughter of James & Ann 27th April

sugget William son of Francis & Elizabeth Lockwood



ashforth Elizabeth daughter of John & Mary 20th May

bowman James son of John & Hannah 23rd June

moat Mary daughter of Robert & Elizabeth (nee Johnson) 10th January

moat Ann daughter of Thomas & Ann 10th January

morritt Thomas son of Thomas & Mary 10th December

waterworth Elizabeth daughter of Marmaduke & Sarah Gowthorp 3rd November

warrener Sarah daughter of James & Ann 8th September

taylor Ann daughter of Thomas & Lydia Vollans 24th November



bond George son of John & Mary 6th January



bond Mary daughter of John & Mary 12th December 1778  5th January 1779

lister Mary daughter of William & Ann (nee Stephenson) 8th March  8th March

mason Mary daughter of Frederick & Ann (nee Holborn) 12th March  12th April

moat Robert son of Robert &  Elizabeth (nee Johnson) 31st March  5th April

morritt John son of Thomas & Mary (nee Cade) 9th August  23rd August

warrener Mary daughter of James & Frances Williamson 10th January  1st February

smallwood George son of George & Ann Wilberfoss 1st August  9th August

routledge Joseph son of William & Sarah Bell 16th January  26th January


Where there are 2 dates given the first is the actual birth date, the second the baptism