Elvington History





bourdon Gulielmus son of  Guliemus 3rd September

bowman Maria daughter of Johannis 26th October

daniel Johannis son of Johannis 28th December

myton Gulielmus son of Thomae 7th July

motte Anna daughter of Roberti 19th December




bourdon Johannes son of Gulielmi 16th February

harrison Anna daughter of Robert 1st January

vaux Maria daughter of Marmaduke 2nd October




bowman Johannes son of Johannis 29th December

craven Anna daughter of Gulielmi 28th April

daniel Suttonus son of Johannis 1st January

watkinson Michael son of Richard 14th October

turner Richard son of Richard 6th December




bourdon Barbara daughter of Gulielmi 6th January

harrison Robert son of Robert 14th June

wright Arthurius son of Jana 23rd January




bowman Thomas son of Johannis 29th January

daniel Matthaeus son of Johannis 20th February

harrison Johannes son of Robert 13th February

watkinson Thomas son of Richard 5th March

vaux Elizabeth daughter of Marmaduke 18th May




burden Thomas son of William 14th September

coates John son of William 8th May

cooper Simon son of William 22nd November

little John son of Thomas 25th April



burden Elizabeth daughter of William 20th March

harrison Sarah daughter of Robert 24th October

waterhouse Mary daughter of Thomas 10th March

vaux Anne daughter of Marmaduke 3rd February




daniel John son of John 12th April

matterson Richard son of Richard 1st January




clarkson William son of William 29th May

coates Elizabeth daughter of William  28th July

gray Annabella daughter of Thomas 20th September

milner William son of John 19th October

waterworth Thomas son of Thomas 17th December

seymour Elizabeth daughter of William 28th February



butler Thomas son of Thomas 14th February

johnson Isabell daughter of John 4th May

matterson Francis son of Richard 21st August

vaux Marmaduke son of Marmaduke 20th January

templeman John son of John 6th January




burden Anne daughter of William 27th August

daniel Matthew son of John 6th October

gray Thomas son of Thomas 26th December

hawkin Mary daughter of John 13th August

johnson Anne daughter of John 6th December

waterworth Anne daughter of Thomas 6th June




gray Thomas son of Thomas 20th January

matterson Robert son of Richard 7th July




burden Francis son of William 8th January

butler Anne daughter of Thomas 24th June

cowper William son of William 23rd April

harrison John son of Robert 26th April

waterworth Ann 23rd April




dennis Joseph son of John 14th March

gray Mary daughter of Thomas 23rd May

matterson Peter son of Richard 3rd August

waterworth Thomas son of Marmaduke 3rd June

vaux Thomas son of Marmaduke 1st June



cobb Richard & Ann twins of Richard 17th April

cowper Anne daughter of William 8th June

harrison John son of Robert 1st August

lazenby John son of George 15th December

smith Isabel daughter of John 30th April




burden Jane daughter of William 9th March

Butler Jane daughter of Thomas 25th December

gray John son of Thomas 25th June

matterson Robert son of Richard 30th November

mote Alice daughter of John 11th January

williamson John son of John & Alice Cobb 16th March

vaux John son of Marmaduke 20th March

turton William son of William and Isabel Bilbrough 29th May





harrison Mary daughter of Robert 15th July

lazenby Mary daughter of George 3rd November

milner Richard son of John 17th February

waterworth Marmaduke son of Marmaduke 11th June

turton Elizabeth daughter of William 24th February

smith William son of John 14th August




gray Eleanor daughter of Thomas 30th December

harrison Ann daughter of Robert 19th December

mote John son of John 23rd September




cooper Elizabeth daughter of William 5th April

smith Samuel son of John 11th March



gray James son of Thomas 6th December

lazenby Thomas son of George 7th September

smith John son of George 10th July

smith Samuel son of John11th April





blackburn William son of William 12th May

mote Ann daughter of John 13th February

waterworth Joseph son of Marmaduke 13th May

vaux Hannah daughter of Marmaduke 6th February




burden William son of William 25th February

easingwold Mary daughter of Robert 12th January

gray Ambrose son of Thomas 30th July

lazenby Mary daughter of George 27th July

mote Ann daughter of Thomas 20th November

vollans Liddy daughter of Joseph 19th November




blackburn Ann daughter of William 18th August

mote Mary daughter of John 19th November

wright John son of John & Jane Brown 19th November

waterworth William son of Marmaduke 25th August




mote Grace daughter of Thomas 9th March
squire Margaret 8th June (father possibly Sutton Squire Rector)




gray Miles son of Thomas 16th May

jackson George son of George 1st March

lazenby Martha daughter of George 29th March




dixon Elizabeth daughter of George 31st July

easingwold Robert son of Robert 31st July

mote Richard son of John 31st July

mote Thomas son of Thomas 25th January

wright Thomas son of John 2nd October

watkinson Elizabeth daughter of Richard 12th May

vollans Joseph son of Joseph 15th April

turton Richard son of William 10th April



gray Simen son of Thomas 19th November

gray Mary daughter of William 15th May

lazenby George son of George 8th January




bowcock William son of William 8th July

eccles John son of Ruth Eccles February

mote Robert son of John 19th August

Watkinson Margaret daughter of Richard 10th January

turton Elizabeth daughter of William 7th October

tate Robert son of William 14th October



lazenby Ann daughter of George 5th April

vollans Lydia daughter of Joseph 29th October




hambleton Margaret daughter of Thomas 9th December

wright George son of Thomas 29th November

watkinson Richard son of Richard 12th May

saunderson Edward son of John 1st April





bilbrough John son of Richard  and Elizabeth 15th April

mote Elizabeth daughter of Thomas 14th February

wright Mary daughter of John & his wife Jane Brown 12th May

watkinson Mary daughter of Richard & Margaret 27th October

vaus Thomas son of William 17th March

robinson John son of Jane 3rd March




bentley John son of Richard and Sarah his wife 25th February

bilbrough Elizabeth daughter of Richard 21st September

wright Mary daughter of Thomas 26th August

watkinson Mary daughter of Michael & Alice Smith 28th December

vollans William son of Joseph 10th August

patteson Mary daughter of John 20th September




moat Hannah daughter of Thomas 1st May

watkinson Mary daughter of Richard 18th August




bentley Richard son of Richard 9th February

bowman Mary daughter of John 15th May




bilbrough Ann daughter of Richard and his wife Elizabeth 12th February

sharp James 26th July




bentley Elizabeth daughter of Richard 29th March

bilbrough William son of Richard and Elizabeth 19th August

bowman Elizabeth daughter of John 12th August

coates John son of James 12th August

cobb Elizabeth daughter of Richard 21st April

hamilton Sarah daughter of Thomas 30th April

moat William son of Thomas 16th January

williamson Richard son of Robert 22nd March

watkinson Hannah daughter of Richard 26th August

waterworth William son of Thomas 28th October

vollans John son of Joseph 4th February